“The Creator Mastery Sequences are a divine dispensation of grace for those Ascended
Masters who are incarnated here in this world. Prior to incarnating here, these great
masters had to agree to suppress, turn off or be separated from the higher levels of
their beingness and mastery so that they could come into a physically dense form (the
physical body). They had contracted with the Creator that when the planetary energies
evolved high enough and it could support their connection to their higher mastery again
without destroying their physical body, the activations and reconnections to their higher levels
of their power and love would become available. The time is now
for those who are ready to embrace their omnipotence and their
place as a Co-Creator to bring in and anchor magnificent cosmic forces of the highest
love and light for the divine evolution of all beings in this world and others.”
The Creator

There are 12 levels of the Ascended Masters Activations. To view the description of
each level CLICK HERE