These sessions are very powerful in connecting and activating you to the gridlines on many levels.
It is powerful for healers and teachers who wish to download their work from these gridlines, since aligning
and activating them for myself I am able to connect with a lot of dispensation also to download a lot of what I have
kept hidden for myself from previous incarnations for retrieval when I was ready.

These series of transmissions will greatly assist people who are bringing in new
energies like heart paradigm healing modalities and spiritual teachings. It helps them
to tap into spiritual networks of support for their world service missions.

Planetary and Solar/Galactic Crystalline Grid Alignments

"Firstly, I had a feeling of settling in to the fabric of reality of time & space, as one of the threads of the tapestry of the energetic field of creation. Then I became aware, viewing, (from within this matrix) of planets, rocks, sun, (& vortexes & voids) strung like pearls on these threads of energy. Then I 'became' a moon, orbiting a beautiful Earth-like planet, in a sloar sysytem where all the other planets were my family, where we each had our particular role to play in service to each other & the universes beyond our own. I felt very satisfied & at peace. A moment later, my beloved planet, whose gravity gave direction for my very existence, blew up, the shock waves (& debris) going out through our solar system & beyond. Immense grief, I sobbed & cried a lot.

I had lost my mentor, my sister, my friend. I felt alone in space, no idea what I should do now, having no reason (no orbit) to fulfill. I called out to the other planets in my system, but they were in their own grief & shock. Our family would never be the same again.... I dried my tears, took some deep breaths, had a glass of water & went to the inner realms again.  Now, I had 'become' a science-like space ship, experiencing the immediate aftermath of the explosion of the Earth-like planet.  Crew members running everywhere, emergency lights flashing, alarms sounding all around, all I could sense was  'abandon ship, abandon ship'. As we approached the inter-dimensional 'escape' portal (that had, under the circumstances, a diminishing time/space capacity),  I realised there was insufficient space/time for me, the ship to leave through.

A great sadness & some fear came over me, affecting my circuitry, as i realised, (my first duty of course being for me to serve the crew), that I would have to be left behind. I drifted in space, empty, numb & lonely, in the long energetic aftermath of the Earth-like planet's explosion. I waited in this experience, wondering if the attunement was over, when at last I saw an image of a radio dial being turned, as if trying to tune in. Then I 'heard' snatches of a voice, repeatedly saying 'we never forgot you, we always remembered you'. More tears, though now of relief & joy as I reconnected with my old dear friends, the crew. A lull of peace & quiet joy.

Then, I found myself on planet Earth. Energy moving in my legs, feet, my hara, base & earth star chakras & my grounding cord & I sensed many chakras or spaces under my feet opening that I hadn't experienced before. Suddenly I connected energetically to the Crystalline grid alignment part 1. I am usually very sensitive, so when I'd had the 1st alignment, I was suprised only to feel a little sad & nothing else. The 2nd alignment needed to happen to clear the stuff that was in the way of me fully grounding the 1st alignment! Those 'new' chakras/ spaces opened up, allowing lots of downloading to occur, my heart chakra opened more to planet Earth which had so reminded me of my earlier dear friend, (who I later found out was called Maldek) who had exploded so traumatically aeons ago.

I was ready now to begin a deeper more loving relationship with the planet I live with now, minus that unconscious shadow from the past. Lastly, a quiet voice from Gaia said  'I am balancing & upgrading your masculine side. The masuline has been so misunderstood & wounded, & the more humans work to heal & balance this, the more you will help this in me.'   This felt like a comment on the Earth Changes, on Shiva the destroyer type energy. I felt invited to heal my own masuline self more, so as to perhaps reduce, in my own small way, the 'work' of destroying to make space for new energies that the Earth is expressing in weather patterns/volcanoes etc."

Lisa, Australia

Planetary Crystalline Grid Alignments:  There are seven major crystalline grids on the planet set up for the ascension
of Earth. Three of them are less than three years old and were activated to support the emerging Heart Paradigm on Earth.
Although the primary purpose of these seven grids is to facilitate the evolution of the planet, these grids can also be
accessed and utilised by highly evolved souls to propel them forward in accomplishing their planetary service work and
contracts with Spirit. When I downloaded this session for myself my body started jolting and my head was moving
from side to side very quickly. I have experienced these before and it only happens when I am being attuned,
I heard a high pitch sound followed by the language of light I heard
." I received clearing of distortion; I received a lot of
personal information for my path; balancing of my male and female energies; my heart was being rewired and
reconnected and strengthened to connect with the heart of the earth. It was very very beautiful,
each experience would be quite unique for each individual.

The cost of this session is $111AUD

Solar/Galactic Crystalline Grid Alignments:  There are solar and galactic grids set up on the planet that contain the
key codes for mastery and spiritual evolution.  Aligning with these galactic grids helps to awaken spiritual gifts and to move
into your planetary service work and ascension. This session took me to places where I had experienced duality/war
in the galaxies to heal, it connected me with the shadow experiences for healing, it was very powerful for me and would be
powerful for anyone who had experienced lives on other planets where this took place for them. I connected with a
galactic commander for communion and healing and much more ...... again with all of these sessions the experience
would be quite unique, since I have healed and connected with these grid lines I am able now to channel the solar
energy a lot more powerfully and easily, when I did connect with the solar energy the other day, it turned into
liquid gold clearing fears on many levels. Prerequisite is Planetary Crystalline Grid Alignment.

Prerequisite is the Planetary Crystalline Grid Alignments

The cost of this session is $222AUD



Cosmos Crystalline Grid Alignments:  The cosmic series of crystalline grid alignments help people who are
working on their cosmic ascension.  It helps people tap into the power of the universal, multiverse and omniverse
crystalline grids which are aligned with the central suns at the universe, multiverse and omniverse levels to promote
cosmic ascension and cosmic world service.

Prerequisite is the Planetary and Solar/Galactic Crystalline Grid Alignments

The cost of this session is $333AUD

Planetary, Solar/Glactic and Cosmos Crystalline Grid Alignments package

Energy Exchange: $444.00


Enhancing Your Ability to Access, Utilize and Work with the Energies of the Crystalline Grid Alignments
(Levels 1, 2 and 3):

After I downloaded the Cosmic Crystalline Grid Alignments, I downloaded twelve levels or sets of frequencies to help
enhance the ability of an individual to work with the energies of the crystalline grids. At this time, I can only
transmit the first six levels of these to other people.

Prerequisite is the Cosmos Crystalline Grid Alignments

The cost of the first three levels is $333AUD

VOID Crystalline Grid Alignments:  This series of crystalline grid alignments originates from the VOID and
at this time is available primarily to people who are bringing in the new energies, templates and structures of the
heart paradigm on Gaia. People who would benefit from this activation are healers brining in Heart Paradigm
healing modalities and spiritual teachers bringing in the new emerging consciousness.

Prerequisite is the Enhancing Your Ability to Access, Utilize and Work with the
Crystalline Grid Alignments, Level 1, 2 and 3

The cost of this activation is $333AUD

Enhancing Your Ability to Access, Utilize and Work with the Energies of the Crystalline Grid Alignments
(Levels 4, 5 and 6):

After I downloaded the Cosmic Crystalline Grid Alignments, I downloaded twelve levels or sets of frequencies to
help enhance the ability of an individual to work with the energies of the crystalline grids. At this time, I can only
transmit the first six levels of these to other people.

Prerequisite is the VOID Crystalline Grid Alignments

The cost of the fourth, fifth and sixth levels is $333AUD



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