I started to see Om-ra regularly for individual sessions in Nov 2007 & , energetically speaking, I am barely recognisable as the same person now, some 3 ½ yrs later.

I was rather sensitive, empathic, somewhat psychic, with natural healing abilities (& still am) & had, as I thought at the time, a fairly comprehensive understanding of ‘how to do healing properly'! I'd been on a multi-layered dedicated spiritual path for 17 years, trained as a masseuse & healer & had been working part-time, somewhat intermittently, in those areas for 14 years. Despite all that, my wounding from past & present lives allowed me to be spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically (unconsciously) manipulated both by my long-term mentor/therapist, two friends & the Dark Energies that were working through them & I felt barely in charge of my own soul.

I came to Om-ra scared, somewhat sceptical & very confused. Not wanting to give my power away yet again, not sure exactly how I did that in the first place & rather desperately looking for some answers as to how to live multi-dimensionally in ‘normal' society.

And so began the momentum & synergy of regular 1:1 sessions: a journey of trust, not so much trusting Om-ra, but allowing her to help me trust myself & to be worthy of that self-trust. At a steadily increasing intensity (as I grew clearer & stronger) we have delved into past-lives, future, parallel & intergalactic lives, shadow selves & inner children, matrixes, axis, grids & chakras, cellular & genetic memory, entities & much more -such a wealth of detail she offers! - focusing always on the outcome, never the ‘story', I have shed skin after skin of falsity, mask after mask of pretence. (& I had, even before I met her, been praised by many for my insights, clarity & honesty!!)

Have there been tears? Yes! And also laughter! Have I been confused sometimes? Yes! - Confusion is the space between ever greater Truths! Have I been given a little kick in the pants occasionally? Yes! Amid her gentle support, solid safety & the sweet smile in her eyes

Omra has also facilitated the download of gifts & skills that my higher self had ‘waiting in the wings' including the ability to intuitively tone (sing) & speak a Light Language to heal myself & clients, plus many other subtler skills too complex to explain here.

Every session leaves me more naked as the God that I Am & surrendering more in love with myself, my life & my journey. There are peaks & valleys, as with any path, but now I know that each peak is a little higher than the last & each valley is but a deeper digging, creating ever more space for the increasingly accessible love, light, talents & wisdom from my spirit to gift to me, on Earth.

And though I see her regularly & will continue to do so, never once has Omra ‘saved me', rescued me' or made me feel inadequate in any way, no matter what my subconscious or conscious ‘learning-curve'!

Om-ra's skill, knowledge, love & example has brought me home to myself.

Yes, she has been my therapist, my mentor & my guide, over some pretty rough terrain, but through it all, her constant souls refrain has been: “Walk in the footsteps of your own higher self, your staff is your own strength & persistence, your map – your heart.”

My soul is now, & has been for some time, my own.

And possibly best of all, I now have NO desire to be ‘normal'! I understand & enjoy my own sensitive, multi-dimensional diversity FAR FAR too much for THAT!!

God Bless You Om-ra , you're the Real Deal - Lisa


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