Ascended Master Activations Level One - Seven Activations and Initiations

The Transmissions are facilitated to your Higher-Self who downloads them for you. There is no
Etheric Surgery facilitated i.e. clearing of entities, negative extraterrestrial implants or any Shamanic
Multidimensional work with these sessions, what you receive is described under the heading
of each of the transmissions.

Creator Purge, Level I: This activation will purge and transmute any dark, heavy, slow and congested vibrations,
energies and frequencies in your universal energetic beingness. This purge is so extensive that it will raise your
vibratory levels to new and greater heights so that you may bring your own mastery expression forward to this world.
This activation is a divine dispensation from the blessed Creator to accelerate individuals in their path and plan with the
Creator. It is the "cosmic boom" so to speak, that will provide a high magnitude of clearing of your universal spaces that
would equal 20 lifetimes or more of mastery clearing.

Creator Quantum Spaces Clearing, Level I: In this activation, an individual will receive a divine dispensation of grace
from the Creator to clear, recalibrate and reformat one's quantum spaces - including the electronic, atomic and sub-atomic
levels and particles - permanently shifting ones energetic fields and beingness into new levels of mastery that are in

with the divine laws of perfection.

Creator Spiritual & Energetic Systems Clearing and Upgrade, Level I: In this activation, each person will receive a divine
dispensation of grace from the blessed Creator to clear, recalibrate and reformat the spiritual and energetic systems of
an individual's universal beingness propelling one into new levels of mastery that are in accordance with the laws of
perfection and divine right. The energetic and spiritual systems of ones beingness will be automatically and effortlessly
upgraded to new levels of mastery throughout
ones spiritual evolution in this lifetime.

Restoration of the GOD and Creator DNA/RNA/ENA Coding: This activation will restore your Creator DNA to its pristine
expression prior to any alteration by others. It is the next step in ones evolution after the activation and restoration of
the GOD DNA coding. The activation of the GOD DNA coding propels one in their mastery and abilities as the "GOD" that
they are. The activation and restoration of the Creator DNA coding will propel one into their higher mastery as a "creator"
force in both their life and in others. It will activate a magnitude of mastery profiles in one so that they may open to the
oneness and love of the high cosmos in their service to humanity. When you activate this coding, you no longer identify
with personality and ego, instead you identify with the soul and your unconditional love and dedicate your life
being in service to others.

Creator Cloaking & Protection Package (Shields & Filters): This protection package provides a dispensation of Grace that
will literally remove one from the matrix of duality in this world. You will be visible to the forces of love and light and invisible
to the forces of darkness. It will place you in a space of divine creation that will facilitate the expression of ones' Creator DNA
coding and support their divine mission of love, light and service.

Creator Holy of Holies Initiation: This initiation will initiate you into the highest realm of the offices of the Holy of Holies. You
will merge and meld your Christed light bodies with theirs to be a divine conduit of their vibration, gifts and healing to bring
forward to this world and its beings. This is one of the highest levels of service a being can be initiated in.

Creator Ring Pass Not Initiation: This initiation will initiate one in a high vibratory essence of their Creator being. It will
break one free of the loop of reincarnation and the lower vibratory energies associated with it so one can be in oneness
and in the divine flow of all of Creation to bring in higher love, mastery and healing to this world to assist one in their
planetary service mission.

I will transmit this session to you within 2 business days after receiving your payment.

COST: $90.00 AUD

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