I have discovered on my journey to awakening the effects of drugs and alcohol. Recreational drugs
and alcohol effects the emotional, mental, etheric, aura and physical bodies of individuals. Through the
use of recreational drugs and the over-indulgence of alcohol
the energetic doorways open thus creating easy access for discarnated beings that are earthbound due to
alcohol or drug addictions to enter and get out of it with you so to speak.

I remember sitting with some people one afternoon
in Queensland in 1999. It was approximately 4pm in the afternoon and I clairvoyantly saw a discarnated entity
who telepathically said to me "have a drink" I mentally in my mind said "no", then the entity proceeded to my friend and asked the same
question, 5 minutes later she said "I think I will have a drink" she did. Having one drink is fine
however, the entity will then attach themselves to that person and will influence him/her to have more alcoholic drinks
because the entity had an alcohol addiction when they died.

I was working on a client who did not take recreational drugs, I saw a clear disconnection from the waist down and energetic doors
that were open and a few astral entities. I asked my spiritual collegues in the Higher Realm why the disconnection
and I was shown the individual holding a bottle of Vodka. My client did share after the session that he consumed large amounts of
Vokda on and off for a week.

Recreational drugs like marijuana, extacy, cocaine, iowaska, peyote, Lsd, magic mushrooms distorts you reality and underminds
your spiritual connection to God/Goddess, fragments/splits your soul and energetically scrambles your brain.

I ask everyone who wants to book this session to stop taking drugs for at least 3 weeks prior to having a
Drug and Alcohol Damage Repair session with Omra.

Click HERE to see a video from Dr. Amen on how drugs and alcohol damage the brain

Click HERE for an indepth article regarding the energetic damage

Click HERE for an article regarding alcohol


Please note that after a comprehensive clearing with Om-ra has been facilitated, an individual can recollect
astral entities, alien implants and less-than-love stuff if the individual partakes in recreational drugs
i.e. Marijuana, extacy, cocaine, iowaska, peyote, Lsd, magic mushrooms etc. in any amount,
large quantities of alcohol and allows negative thoughts to overtake their reality.

If you use recreational drugs again after the first treatment for $350.00/$360 and you would like to
book a Multidimensional Remote Etheric Healing and Soul Retrieval, the recreational drug damage
repair treatment (which is a pre-requesite) is charged at $500 (plus paypal fees if paying through paypal)

It is a commitment to yourself to stay off the recreational drugs after the session has been facilitated
and knowing the information you have received on the website and through your first consultation with Om-ra
so you may move forward.

I highly recommend after a clearing session (including refraining from recreational drugs which will only provides
opportunities to recollect negative attachments) to also monitor your thoughts. You see when you
are negatively thinking you will also attract negative attachments as in the astral there are beings who
can use this to attach themselves to you and magnify the situation and also physically attracting
individuals who will support your thoughts, one of the ways of keeping a positive mind is when
you hear a negative thought e.g. "I am stupid" say "CANCEL, RIP AND BURN " out loud or silently in
your head then state "I am intelligent and wonderful" etc. so by cancelling the negative thought and affirming a positive
thought this will keep your vibration high and will only attract loving spiritual beings, eventually it will become automatic.
Your mind is a computer everything you feed it (thoughts) it will save it and play it out in your life so you can reprogramme
your computer/mind by doing the cancel, rip and burn technique on a regular basis, you will be amazed on how your life
will change inside/out keeping you clear of negative attachments and allowing you to only attract loving beings who
are always there to help.

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