Multidimensional Shamanic/Etheric Clearing/Healing/Soul Retrieval
and Drug/Alcohol Damage Repair Treatments

The Sessions on this page are available, Thursday - Saturday 9.30am to 2.30pm


The Sessions are facilitated distantly anywhere in the world and for people of
all ages from babies to the elderly. I communicate with the Higher Self of the individual
to find out what is for the highest good for the individual and what needs to be facilitated to create peace, clarity and
healing for the individual. I travel through time and space to facilitate the session.

I am a Psychic Multidimentional Metaphysical Healer and specialise in drugs and alcohol damage repair
sessions. I also specialise in Multidimensional clearing/healing in all areas of life.

I work with the Language of Light, to clear, heal and infuse higher octaves of light
into the meridians and energetic bodies (mental, emotional, etheric and spiritual) multidimensionally,
in all time and space working with the Language of Light, sacred geometry, the Ascension Rays
and multidimensional crystals to name a few to facilitate clearing and healing on all levels and dimensions, clearing/healing this
life and past-lives.

Om-ra facilitates the releasing/clearing and healing of depression, anger, fear, negative karma and all lower
facets of the ego and personality to bring balance and peace for the individual and a stronger connection to your Higher-Self,
Guides, Guardians and God/Goddess/Source Energy.

Om-ra also works on the timelines (past, present and future) to facilitate soul retrieval.

Om-ra is a Master Metaphysical Multidimensional Psychic Healer, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient

The Sessions can greatly effect the physical body where there is physical pain, this can be
cleared in the session, for example; headaches, back pain and stomach pain if it is etherically related.

I also work with individuals to assist them to complete their Planetary Ascension which
includes their 12 lightbody activations.

If you have taken recreational drugs in any amount in your life and or have consumed large amounts of alcohol, please scroll down to
Drug and Alcohol Damage Repair Treatment which includes the Shamanic Multidimensional/Soul Retrieval session.
The Drug and Alcohol Damage Repair Treatment requires the reconnection where there is a disconnection that needs
to be repaired and also the doors and gates that have opened up due to drugs and large quantities of alcohol that have been
consumed needs to be closed, for more information click here.

if you wish to continue taking recreational drugs/drinking a lot of alochol and would like clearing/healing

The sessions Om-ra facilitates assists individuals to release suppression of less-than-love realities lodged in the emotional body,
mental body, etheric body, spiritual body, sub-conscious mind and past-lives which frees the individual to
experience harmony and balance in their current life and in so doing frees their future life from
recreating negative karma, suffering and pain. It helps the individual to move forward from the past where there was
suffering and pain on an emotional and mental level and also on a physical level.

The sessions are facilitated remotely, via skype, facetime, email or telephone. Om-ra will call your mobile
or landline if there is no skype or facetime available for the consultation

To booked a session email Om-ra. There is no need to share your story with Om-ra
when booking a session as this is done in the session :)

Please note that if you take reacreational drugs again after your first session with Om-ra and you require
another recreational drug damage repair the 2nd drugs damage repair is $777/$795, Alcohol is $350/360, click here for more details


Some of the work Om-ra facilitates in the session:

- Defusing and removing Negative Extraterrestrial Implants, Negative Monitors and Transmitters
- Clearing lower astral and astral entities

- Clearing Astral Parasites, Etheric Mucus, Astral Ticks, Negative Elementals
- Clearing influences that are not of the light nor serving your highest good on a planetary and galactic level
- Clearing your collective mainframe and your empathy gateway
- Clearing the aura, central channel and the spine
- Clearing the Four Lower Bodies
- Balancing the Chakras
- Etheric Tune-up
- Strengthening energetic weaknesses you may have to less-than-love energies, vibrations, frequencies and influences
- Upgrading the Nervous System if required

- Clearing Contracts, agreements, vows and oaths which are no longer serving your highest good

- Releasing less-than-love programs that you're four lower bodies are carrying in this life and in previous lives which
clears your future lives also. This is ongoing work until you have 100% aligned with your eternal light and
reclaimed your mastery on all levels

- Clearing and releasing less-than-love cords, links and hooks
- Dropping Density and hightening your love and light quotient
- Soul Fragments Retrieval
- Multidimensional Energetic
Alignments to your Mighty I AM Presence/God/Source Energy
- working through your timelines, parralel lives and alternate realities to help you release ego based functioning
- Etherically clearing toxins and less-than-love energies from your organs if it is
related to stress and anxiety you are going through
- Clearing/healing any issues you are having in your life
- Grounding into the earth

What you will feel after the session:

- Lighter with less mind chatter
- Grounded
- At peace
- More aligned to your Spirit
- A release of anxiety and fear
- More connected to your Higher-Self, Guides and Mastery

- Some experience the diminishing of back pain, neck pain, headaches and general aches and pain
if the pain was etherically related

With this session, energetic upgrades, blue print activations, repairing/upgrading your Merkaba, Lightbody
Activations and much more can be faclitated if the individual is ready to receive this level of work.

Email Om-ra to book a time/date for your session

The session is facilitated distantly via telephone/email/skype which includes the consultation
via skype, facetime, email or phone.

Payment is required 48 hours prior to your scheduled session to confirm your appointment, thank you :)
If I don't receive your payment to confirm your session 48 hours before the scheduled appointment, I will presume
you no longer require the session and it will be cancelled. The work begins 48 hours before I speak
with you, hence payment is required to confirm the session.

If paying directly into the bank please let Om-ra know and Om-ra will send you the
bank details.

email Om-ra to book a session

The session is facilitated distantly via telephone/email/skype/Facetime which
includes the consultation


Energy Exchange - $300 if paid into the bank

AUSTRALIAN ENERGY EXCHANGE: $310.00 - includes paypal fees

OVERSEAS (OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA) ENERGY EXCHANGE: $313.00 - includes paypal fees



Shamanic multidimensional clearing/healing/etheric treatment with email Consultation for Children up to the age of 15


Energy Exchange: $250.00 if paid directly into the bank

AUSTRALIA PAYMENTS: Energy exchange (with paypal fees) $257

OVERSEAS PAYMENTS (Outside Australia): Energy exchange (with paypal fees) $260





Subsequent Shamanic multidimensional clearing/healing/etheric treatments and higher grid work lightbody activations (provided no drugs/a lot of alcohol
is consumed since your last session with Om-ra )

Energy Exchange: $250 if paid into the bank (Om-ra will email you the details upon your request)

AUSTRALIA PAYMENTS: Energy exchange (with paypal fees) $257

OVERSEAS (OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA PAYMENTS - Energy exchange (with paypal fees) $260

DRUG/ALCOHOL DAMAGE REPAIR REMOTE TREATMENT with Skype/email/phone call consultation

Click here for an indepth article regarding drugs


If you take recreational drugs or have consumed a lot of alochol again after the first treatment you had received from Om-ra for $350/360 and you would like to book a Shamanic Multidimensional Clearing/Healing and Soul Retrieval, the drug/alcohol damage repair treatment (which is a pre-requesite) is charged at $350/360 if you had consumed a lot of alcohol (more then 5 alcoholic drinks per week) .

All the other recreational drugs including iowaska, peyote, magic mushrooms, marijuana, exctacy etc. the energy exchange is charged at

, if consumed again after your 1st treatment.

It is a commitment to yourself to stay off the recreational drugs after the session has been facilitated
and knowing the information you have received on the website and through your first consultation
with Om-ra so you may move forward.
Blessed Be :)

If the individual has taken recreational drugs e.g. marijuana, extacy, cocaine, iowaska, peyote, Lsd, magic mushrooms and any hallucinogen drugs/herb and or has consumed large amounts of alcohol, this session includes the Shamanic Multidimensional clearing/healing/etheric treatment and the repairing of the energetic damage created through recreational drugs and excessive alcohol drinking.

The reason being is the individual is disconnected from their soul and the earth and therefore is lingering in the lower astral/astral plane, emotionally and mentally and has opened a few energetic doorways for discarnated entities to influence the individual through the mental/emotional bodies.

As soon as an individual partakes of hallucinogen drugs/herbs even in small amounts, they are damaging their energetic doors and gates, aura, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies and creating holes in their aura.

This session is for individuals who have seriously given up the desire for recreational drugs and the consumption of large amounts of alcohol.

If you wish to stop taking drugs and binge drinking and would like to order this session, please allow 3 weeks after fully stopping the use of recreational drugs and binge drinking before ordering this session.

This will help your body to begin detoxing the toxins and preparation for your session. It takes approximately 3 months to fully release the toxins from recreational drugs out of the body.

The work facilitated in this session:

- Defusing and removing Negative Extraterrestrial Implants, Negative Monitors, Transmitters
and less-than-love technologies

- Removing/clearing lower astral and astral entities and all less-than-love allegiances, alliances, manipulation
and control

- Clearing Astral Parasites, Etheric Mucus, Astral Ticks, Negative Elementals

- Closing energetic doors and portals that have opened up due to drugs and or consumed large amounts of alcohol

- Clearing influences that are not of the light nor serving your highest good on a planetary and galactic level

- Clearing, healing, repairing, recalibrating, expanding, activating, sealing and shielding the aura, auric sheath and other energy fields around the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies and all energetic centers and systems.

- releasing covenants, contracts, vows, oaths and promises that no longer serve your highest good.
Also clears any energy cords you may have to these things

- Clearing the Four Lower Bodies and Balancing the Chakras

- Releasing karma, karmic contracts, karmic agenda and karmic hooks
and cords at the deepest level possible

- Clearing your collective mainframe and your empathy gateway

- Releasing cords that are not aligned to your highest good but also helps to shield
your from cords being reattached as well pulling and rescripting to the fullest extent possible all programs,
profiles, genetics, contracts, allowances, permissions, covenants, entities, implants that are energetically
anchoring and reinforcing cords. Some of the most common cords are cords are solar plexus cords,
harm cords, pity/empathy cords, sexual cords, entity cords, attachment cords, implant cords, cords to
less than love places and frequencies; dream cords, fantasy cords, after the session you
can use the trigger words "Cords" and "Release Cords" to release cords

- Healing/repairing energetic fractures

- Clearing/repairing the aura and spine - sealing energetic holes in the aura and sealing gates and doors in the spine after
the clearing

- Soul Fragments Retrieval if there is a timeline fragmented soul bleedthrough occuring in your past-life timeline at the time of
the session

- Reconnection to soul and earth

After the session you will feel:

- More connected to your physical body and grounded
- More connected to your guides and soul
- At peace
- Less mind chatter
- Relief from headaches, back pain and general aches and pain if it was etherically related

Follow up sessions are the Multidimensional Shamanic clearing/healing and Soul Retrieval sessions which is advisable to help the individual to reclaim their power and feel more connected to the Creator/God/Goddess, their higher-self, guides and guardians.

The energetic damage from drugs/alcohol will be repaired with this session and follow up sessions will greatly assist you
as there are fragmentations of your soul due to the drugs and wounding from previous incarnations and this lifetime that would be advisable
to work on and with strengthening your energetic bodies, field and systems etc.

Whenever you take drugs and binge drinking, you'r soul is fragmentating/splitting and this takes time to bring back as one as this would have effected your timelines and soul extensions. The Shamanic Multidimensional/Soul Retrieval is advisable as ongoing sessions to help bring back soul fragments through your timelines/past-lives which have created the indulgence in recreational drugs in this lifetime and to assist you with taking back your power.

The session is facilitated remotely - includes a phone/email/skype/facetime consultation

Energy Exchange: $350 if paid via bank deposit (Paying via bank deposit/internet banking - email Om-ra for details after booking the session)

Payment is required 48 hours before the session to confirm the appointment, thank you, Blessings :)

email Om-ra to book a session

Australian Credit card Energy Exchange with Paypal fees: $360.00 - includes paypal fees

Overseas (outside Australia) Credit card Energy Exchange with Paypal fees: $365.00 includes paypal fees

Shamanic Multidimensional Healing Etheric Surgery and soul Retrieval

"Oh my gosh Om-ra I can't begin to tell you how much better I feel! Thank you as my workshop tomorrow can be a lot more peaceful now and not filled with background frenetic energy and fear. It's all gone. Gosh you and they are so good. I wish I could drive down the street with some big mega phone on the roof of a car heralding, "Get your Om-ra Session this week!" You are like a fabulous secret recipe :))"

Annabelle - Perth, Australia

Shamanic Multidimensional Healing, Etheric Surgery and soul Retrieval and
Drug and Alcohol Damage Repair Treatments

"The Energies were like heaven, I feel like a million dollars"-
Karina - Byron Bay

"I was feeling miserable, Now I feel Fantastic" Alma - Sydney

"Hi Om-ra, thank you so much, feeling very peaceful" Kelli - Queensland
"Hi Om-ra thank you for all your work. Whyl (her son) has been on a high since
yesterday arve. So happy to see him this way.He has been extra relaxed &
happy this afternoon" - Jodie - Queensland

"I feel AMAZING! Very bright and clear. It's quite incredible" Louise - Sydney
"Om-ra's skill, knowledge, love & example has brought me home to myself,
God Bless You Om-ra , you're the Real Deal" Lisa - NSW
(For a more indepth testimony click here)

"I am feeling so much stronger energetically for all your work. I am so thankful for the gift of the CCT, it's truly awesome and so powerful,
it's been supporting me clear a lot From my body and I have even lost weight!"
Tonia - Sydney "Hi Om-ra thank you so much for the beautiful work that you do. I am
feeling so happy and well" Meneka - Sydney

"I'm very glad I found you, until now the healers I met were not bad,some
also very good, but I think you're the best." Irma - Netherlands
"My head feels Amazing! It is light now - Faye - Queensland
"I had a Clairvoyant/Psychic reading with Om-ra and I am so grateful
for her guidance, skill, knowledge and love that she brings in.
I have had several Shamanic Multidmensional Clearing/Healing
Soul Retrieval and Etheric Surgery sessions with Om-ra and I
always feel so much better afterwards, so much lighter,
and she is always so helpful and gentle, her abilities are amazing.
I don't know where I would have been without Om-ra's guidance,
she has truly helped me that much" LANA PIERCY W.A
"Thank you so much. You are such a special lady, a true angel from above. You game me
faith, strength and hope when I truly needed it and would not be pregnant now if not
for your special gift. You have made me the happiest girl in the world and I thank
you, God Bless you and much love" Karina - QLD
"Hi Om-ra, just thought I would give you some short feedback, I am finding
the Templates and tools amazing. They are very effective and I am
benefiting a lot from them, thank you so much, much love" - Juanita QLD

"Hi,totally worked! Heaps more vitality, feels like I am moving forward
and I am embracing complete wellness paradyme. Thank you, Love & Light" - Sananda - QLD


"Om-ra, would like to thank you for the healing today, I feel great, I feel happy & want to whistle a tune or two, lol many hugs" - Jan - Adelaide


"I have had one-on-one Shamanic Multidimensional Clearing/Healing and Soul Retrieval with Om-ra on a regular basis for the past 3 years. The journey has been truly amazing. Her work covers many levels, soul fragments, past-lives, karmas, beliefs, contracts, agreements, thoughtforms, doors, portals, parallels etc. Her ability to work at this level is very rare. But to be able to do this work in such a clean way is exceptional. Before I met Om-ra I had many years of experience of various energetic healings and healers. I had observed that many forms of spiritual growth are prone to creating good initial growth then continuously requiring to put a lot of energy into the work with minimal growth. With my sessions with Om-ra I have never found my growth plateauing. Every session opens me up more to my divinity and releases deeper levels of density. Om-ra typically doesn't overly detail the stories behind the dramas being cleared, not getting bogged down in personal stories is a more efficient way of letting go of the density. The best aspect of Om-ra's sessions is how permanent the growth is, for example, in a session several of my past-lives could be cleared, healed and reunited with the light. I feel a sense of peace in knowing that aspects of my consciousness have returned to the light and that it is not a transient benefit. Obviously it is easy to lose a connection to Grace and Light through taking drugs, etc., but relative to other healing modalities and therapists it is the most permanent growth I have known."

Sam - Australia, 2010

Feathers Of Light Company Policy:
All distant sessions must be paid for 24 hours before the treatment.

Payments for distant sessions can be made via Paypal, can be deposited into a bank account upon request via email or text after booking the treatment with Om-ra.

If the person does not turn up for the appointment without contacting Om-ra to cancel the appointment, the cancellation fee is the total price of the healing/reading. Please choose sessions and or attunements carefully as there are no refunds, it is a comitment to yourself :)

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