Bookings and Cancellations Policies:

All distant sessions must be paid for 48 hours before the scheduled session to confirm your session.

Please choose sessions and or attunements carefully as there are no refunds

If the person does not turn up for the appointment without contacting Om-ra to cancel the appointment,
the cancelation fee is the total price of the healing/reading session

Please click here and read the information on that page if you are having a drug and alcohol damage repair treatment before booking
the session, thank you :)

Om-ra reserves the right to discontinue her services to individuals who don't respect the healing
process that Om-ra facilitates.

Om-ra may at times use your feedback as testimony. If you do not wish for this please let
Om-ra know, thank you :)


There are no guarantees to medical ailments being treated. Please consult your medical physician where a medical ailment is present.

This site is intended for spiritual development and is not religious or confined to any religious beliefs.

Om-ra will facilitate sessions and attunements solely upon the request of any individual wishing to be treated.

All the work facilitated by Om-ra is not intended to replace any medications and or medical advice and treatments.

This website is owned by Feathers Of Light - ABN 58699095804

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