How may times have you created affirmations that don't seem to work? You would for
example affirm "I am abundant" over and over again for months  and nothing seems to happen. 
This is because there is an unconscious memory saying for example "I am not worthy" which is
stopping your abundance affirmation from working. What the Master Affirmation Enhancer
Template does is clear and purge out the unconscious beliefs that are stopping you from fully accepting the
affirmations you have created.  The Master Affirmation Enhancer Template increases the effects over ordinary

The manual will explain to you how to work with the Master Affirmation Enhancer Template.
It is very easy to work with.

This tool is intended to work on yourself and others with their permission.
Please note this is a personal use attunement and does not give you the ability to attune others.

I will attune you within 3 business days after payment. You will receive a manual after the attunement.

Energy Exchange: $122.00

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