This session downloaded to me through Sanat Kumara. I received the following information regarding this session
clairaudiently and Clairvoyantly.

Omniscience Level 1

Releases distortion at a very deep level and aligns the individual with the will of the Creator.

Raises your vibration thus releasing density.

3 Bulbs of omnisicient (blue, white, gold) light at the back of the head get activated to help you ascend duality into oness

Expansion of Brain Capacity

Omniscient template deep in the heart chakra activates the all knowing divine blueprint

Allows you to access deep levels of wisdom through dreams and visions

At the end of the session you are placed in a bubble of light and grounded into the heart of the earth

The energy exchange of this session is $77.00 and is a distant session

Omniscience Level 2 - pre-requisite Level 1

Strengthening of the will to the heart of the creator

Releasing distortions at deeper levels

Purging of toxins and heavy metals through the organs

Releasing density

Strengthening earth cord to the planet

Activation of the Pituitary Gland (if the Gland is already activated an expansion takes place)

Cleansing of the lower chakras

Activation of the Adam Kadmon

Rewiring and resequencing the holographic mind

Creates union with higher self and lower self

The energy exchange of this session is $77.00 and is a distant session

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