Starseed Blessings, Activations and Star-Gate Alignments

These series of powerful starseed blessings, activations and star-gate alignments are part of the heart-oriented
approach to ascension. Each of these powerful mastery activations help provide the energetic support
light-workers, healers and starseeds need to accomplish their world service contracts with the Creator.
The cost of each session is $60.00 and I will transmit the session to you distantly within 2 days after payment.
The description of each session is brought through a psychic channel who received these session.

You receive a transmission of the energies for each activation where you receive what is aligned
for your highest good at that time. This activation is time released in that as you grow and evolve and as the planet
does as well, you will be constantly upgraded by your soul with new energies from these starseed activations
and stargate alignments.

Angelic Starseeds Blessings, Activations and Stargate Alignments and Resequencing

" These are a whole new 'frequency' from the 6th and 7th levels. Liquid colors poured through me, mostly
in the pink lotus hue. Incredible activity in the third eye area as I watched myself be re aligned with my
many selves. This series of activations is concerned with 'galactic' ascension. The longer I sat with this blessing,
the more I realized that these liquid colors had opened my mind, and that information from my many selves was
being awakened. I joined these many aspects of myself in an amazing blast/movement that left me (literally )
breathless. Great joy with this reunion. I also understood that each star-gate alignment (in this series) was
unique, and that we were at one time in alignment with all the stargates. "

Cost: $60.00

Galactic Stargate Alignments, Activations and Resequencing

"You have forgotten your origins it is time to remember your origin,
it is time to connect to your home planet" The Galactic Federation of Light and Universal Order

In this session you receive a gold tube in the third eye, fifth eye and crown chakras to connect with your home planet,
a clearing of the galactic tube located in the central channel with magenta, indigo, lilac and irridescent
blue, Pearly White and rewiring. Activation of the galactic DNA and Blueprint. A building of a rainbow bridge to
your home planet. Erasing memories of galactic wars. Healing the pain of seperation with your home planet.
Rewiring of the nervous system. You will receive your original divine Blueprint Code.

Cost: $60.00



Holy Spirit Shekinah Starseeds Blessings, Activations and Stargate Alignments and Resequencing

" I kept hearing the word 'scepter', and each time I heard it, a wave would hit my body and I would resonate
for a minute or so.  This happened five or 6 times.  I finally asked what was going on and found that
this scepter is the remembrance of ONENESS.  It has been missing from our energy fields for
millennium and with the influx of stronger energies from both the center of this galaxy and the Great
Central Sun, we are now being given the opportunity to resonate with it once again.  I called in this
particular blessing, and everything just melted and flowed into one vast HEART.  Astounding! 
I stayed here with this for a long time. "

Cost: $60.00


Planetary Stargate Alignments, Activations and Resequencing

With this session you receive a clearing of your grids on a planetary level. Clearing of your meridians, raising
your vibration, fulfilment of your planetary service contracts so you may move to the next level, connecting
with the Planetary Guardians. This session will leave you clear and grounded.

Cost: $60.00


Solar Stargate Alignments, Activations and Resequencing

Cost: $60.00


Universal Mind Stargate Alignments, Activations and Resenquencing

Cost: $60.00



Delta Legions of Light Starseeds Blessings, Activations and Stargate Alignments and Resequencing

In this activation you will align with the Stargate of the Delta Legions of Light that had opened in
June 2008. This alignment will assist you in balancing the male and female energies within. A gateway of
rememberance of your essence and the activation of your gifts on a multidimentional level if you are ready for this,
a clearing of adverseries takes place releasing distortions at a very deep level. 3 cubes of indigo rays flood your field
to assist you in connecting heart and mind. This session leaves you feeling connected to bigger parts
of you that reside in the higher realm and grounds this connection on the earth plane.

Cost: $60.00

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