Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Mastery Activations

In order to move firmly into the Heart Paradigm and build a new foundation there, each of us must untangle ourselves
from the mental/mind paradigm and unplug from the third dimensional matrix and web of mass/duality consciousness.
Each set of these powerful mastery activations help liberate light-workers, healers and starseeds from being tied into
the prevailing mass/duality consciousness of humanity so that they can get their world service work out into
the world. All these are performed distantly.

A lot of people are held to the mental paradigm or the paradigm of the mind because they are still
plugged into the matrix and vice versa. The 3D matrix and the mental paradigm are a very strong
combination and they both hold humanity back from moving into the heart
paradigm. it is important for people to heal both areas in order to ground solidly in the heart paradigm.

You receive a transmission of the energies for each set of all the levels of activation where you receive what
is aligned for your highest good at that time. This activation is time released so that as you grow and evolve
and as the planet does as well, you will be constantly upgraded by your soul with new energies from these
Unplugging from the 3D Matrix and Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm mastery activations.

The Transmissions are facilitated to your Higher-Self who downloads them for you. There is no
Etheric Surgery facilitated i.e. clearing of entities, negative extraterrestrial implants or any Shamanic
Multidimensional work with these sessions, what you receive is described under the heading
of each of the transmissions.

The description for each of these sessions came through a psychic channel who received these session.

All you need to do is email me your full name and birthdate after payment, thank you.

Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part I

" Was aware of cords shooting out of my body and dissolving.  Intense activity in my heart chakra and sensed
that a major clearing of our heart chakras is the focus of this level. We cannot 'move' on if our hearts are still
locked in density/fear.  For me this was like a movie where I watched both generic and particular emotional
episodes clear. I was made aware of where my own fears and illusions had held me back... I also realised that there
is no judgment about this, simply an opportunity for clearing. This went on for quite a while.  I was then placed in
a tube of LIGHT and knew that I was being balanced and centered into this new unplugged me.  Incredible freeing experience."

Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm Part I

" Very intense physical shift. Was enfolded by a Being of great enlightenment and knew that as intense as this
shift was, it was okay and in/for the highest good. Pressure on my heart chakra, and then brilliant flares of Light as
constraints of this dimension which kept the heart subservient to the mind were released.  As soon as this occurred,
it was if my inhalation went on for eons - so heavy were the illusions surrounding my heart. Then, this released heart
energy traveled upward to the mind.  I actually felt and heared my cranial plates adjusting to accommodate
this new influx of frequencies.  This will allow my heart to be a more than equal partner with the mind. "

The Cost of Part I is $144.00


Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part II

" I imploded into my heart chakra where I followed historical, societal, and illusory lines back in time. I saw where the
veils first came into place and understood that 3D isn't our natural home.  It is a place where we chose to learn,
and it's time to move to another level.  This sounds so simplistic (and it is) but there is a lot of knowledge
and truth being transmitted to me while in my heart chakra. I watched as light cut these cords for
me and when they were all cut, I shot out of my heart and body and looked down on myself. 
I was fascinated to see my heart Chakra swirl with liquid hues of pink/mauves/lavenders. 
Very unlike 3D chakra colors. Within this activation lies the initial clearing of eons of illusions. 
I feel much bigger and lighter and am so aware of my heart as the place to live."

Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm II

" This healing is a continuation of the first three levels, but on a different level/dimension. Again,
a very intense energetic experience. I watched as bronze/gold convoluted tubules were cleared,
closed, and dissolved. I realized that these were society's constrictions (as opposed to individual)
on the heart being of prime importance.  When my attention shifted to my mental body, I was astounded. 
There were conglomerates of thought forms, each group swaying back and forth in it's own dance.
A humming arose in my being and radiated outward to these forms, thinning them out, lightening them. It
seemed as if only those forms that resonated to the heart/love frequency remained.
I floated on this humming for what seemed a very long time, very vaguely aware of my physicality, but absolutely
captivated by the shimmering of this humming sound. I was told that this is the beginning of being able to
resonate with the LOVE that holds this planet together."

Prerequisite is receiving Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part I

The Cost of Part II is $144.00

Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part III

" These levels are pretty awesome.  Our 5th through 7th chakras are connected to the heart.  Since the heart has
been cleared, we can now make this most important connection.  Before being unplugged, even the most clear
of us still spoke and saw through veils of density.  Now, we can begin to speak from the Divine within us. We can
operate on the 5th dimension. I asked to watch as this connection was done... saw shiny foil-like spirals spreading
out from my heart to the other chakras... and then from the other chakras down to the heart. Also noticed a shifting
in my lower chakras as I released any density.  As I look around me right now, everything seems more crystalline
yet fluid, almost as if it will disappear and then re arrange itself.  Lots of joy and love with this one."

Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm III

" Again this was a very intense energetic shift. These levels involve the clearing  and the reestablishing of the
connections to Universal Mind. The humming frequency is the method by which this is accomplished. I saw
my mental body cleared of extraneous 'stuff', and felt really really light and centered. Once this clearing was
finished, ropes of differing frequencies were 'born' and streamed outward from my mental body to the
Universal Mind. This is just an awesome feeling/place...I feel my whole energetic
system re -aligning itself to these frequencies. "

Prerequisite is receiving Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part II

The Cost of Part III is $144.00


Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part IV

" This is the party at the end of a long long road.  I was taken up through chakras 8-13, and
then allowed through 'the veil.' And for the time I was there I remembered and totally understood!! 
I was told I wouldn't remember the particulars, but that this experience has been instilled in my
cells, my organs, the very essence of my being. It will be like a compass guiding me in new
territory, which this unplugging is. WOW.  To say this is joyful and awesome, well it's an
understatement. I sense alot of my impatience has been removed. I floated beyond the veil
for a long time.  I suspect this will be unique to each of us, but the result will be the same, a door
is opened to the 5th dimension/universal Heart and all we have to do is walk through it. "

Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm IV

" Still very intense energetic shift. My consciousness was directed to my mental body, I became
it and there wasn't anything else. These levels are the actual 'activation' of the connections to the
Universal Mind. I was told that when our minds are in alignment and connected to the Universal
Mind we are capable of what we would call miracles. This enables us to choose from an almost blank
mind, a mind that is not crowded with illusions. I joined with the Universal Mind!  What an
experience, very vast, still, empty in a sense. Pure limitless thought frequencies. I stayed here
for a while, basking in a place where there isn't any misqualified energy. Very very nice. 
"Returning', I find myself to be very clear, very much at peace, knowing that I can connect
with this Universal Mind at any time and align my thoughts with it's vibration."

Prerequisite is receiving Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part III

The Cost of Part IV is $144.00

I brought through levels 5 and 6 on the 14th of January, 2009.

Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part 5
Prerequisite Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part 4

I experienced a deep clearing of illusions/fear, my electromagnetic body began rewiring. The etheric
body began to upgrade. The divine ideal strands of the Heart DNA at this time begins Activation. A lot
of clearing took place around my heart, this level is like an upgrade
to connect more deeply with the 5th dimentional grid and the higher heart of illumination.


Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm 5
Prerequisite is receiving Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part 5

I received deep healing of energetic fractures, firstly there were energetic fractures in my
brain which began healing and spaces sealing then I saw that this went down my spine where the energetic
fractures in my spine began healing and sealing, a scanning took place where more energetic fractures were being
healed and sealed, I received that this will help so we do not experience intense
psychic bleedthroughs in the future and creates a strengthening of your energy field. The session ended with a deep purification
and strengthening with liquid Gold, it was so beautiful, I almost fell asleep. There is so much more to these sessions then the
psychic eye can see, as it was all happening very quickly. I felt very peaceful after this session.

The Cost of Level 5 is $144.00

Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part 6
Prerequisite Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part 5

Ignites the heart flame and connects with the 5th dimensional grid. A lot of clearing of duality at a deeper
level continues and will continue clearing whilst you sleep. This session is another upgrade on many levels,
it allows for deeper wisdom of your heart of hearts to awaken in remembering more of your divinity and essence
on many levels. This will begin to unfold more and more on your journey, a recognition of who you are so to speak.


Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm Part 6
Prerequisite is receiving Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part 6

I heard"Open your heart and Let it be your mind", I began feeling an expansion of my heart chakra.
Crystals which have been there for a very long time which were blocking the deep heart expansion
began deactivating and then removed. Then I saw crystals in my brain which were connected to the
reptilian energy deactivating and then removed. It was intense for me as I could clearly hear and see
the distortion as they were being deactivated and removed. I also experienced a resequencing of my
chakras to connect with the 5th dimensional grid. I get with levels 5 and 6 it is for
advancement at a deeper level and a deep clearing of less-than-love pockets lodged
in the fields and systems.

The Cost of Level 6 is $144.00


Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 together as a package is $450.00


Pre-requisite Unplugging from the 3D Matrix and Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm Part 6

"Dearly Beloveds I am Melchizedek, I come to you from the highest
vibration of oneness to share with you the importance of connecting with planet earth. A lot of starseeds and lightworkers
find it difficult to be in their physical bodies because their home planet's energies are higher in frequency then that of planet earth,
so they tend to do a lot of clearing on their being neglecting their feet and their grounding cord beneath their feet. This
grounding cord is important to plant their seeds of manifestation into the planet thus manifesting physically, what these sessions
will do is target their feet and grounding cord and their ego and mental body to help in connecting with the light beneath the planet
because truly this light beneath the planet is extraordinary, it will help you to feel at home." Melchizedek

When I asked what Sub-terranian level was I got that it is clearing beneath the feet, way down, when I received these sessions
I saw a city of light beneath my feet which was revealed to me through clearing the veils that prevented me from seeing and connecting
with the core light of the earth.

A Lot of fear was cleared in connection to being grounded in the physical body. I also
saw earth guardians who are magnificent and connected with them also. I received grounding codes, my grounding cord was upgraded
and much more, some of you may have heard of Agartha the Sub-terranian cities of light in the core of the earth, this is what
you will be connecting to after this session.

I asked a gifted clairvoyant to share with me his experiences after receiving these sessions and this is what he received.

Sub-Terranian Level Clearing Mastery Sequences Level 1

"After I had the first level of the Sub-Terranian Level Clearing Mastery Sequence I clairvoyantly saw a city of
light in the earth. There was a lot more white space around my grounding cord."


Sub-Terranian Level Clearing Mastery Sequences Level 2

"After the second level I could clairvoyantly see an unveiling of my attachments to the lower astral planes"


Sub-Terranian Level Clearing Mastery Sequences Level 3

"The third level was absolutely amazing! my attachments to the lower astral were cleared and I saw and felt
very bright white light, it looked like lava come up through my grounding cord and purify my ego and energy
system. The light from the earth was like intense bright white lava and liquid light."


Sub-Terranian Level Clearing Mastery Sequences Level 4

"The 4th level was very peaceful. All my chakras were connected to my gold grounding cord. A lot of integration
took place in my "computer files" in my body."

"Overall the Sub-terranian Level Clearing Mastery sequences have been a general breakthrough for me in being connected
to the earth in a way that feels like home yet is very 'at one' with the higher realms of divine light. It's reassuring to feel and
know that the higher realms of white light are not only above me, but also below me and all around me."
Sam Kitto

After receiving this session you are automatically attuned to clearing your grounding cord all you need to say daily is
"Clear Grounding Cord" and it is done.

The cost of the Sub-Terranian Level Clearing Mastery Sequences session is $144.00, I will transmit the session to you
distantly within 2 business days after receiving your payment.

- Pre-requesite Part 7

Come back to self, disconnecting from the outer and connecting with the inner, coming back to self,
rewiring to bring focus back to self, connecting with your inner being, uniting with your inner being
connecting with the cities of light in the inner earth.




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