“Greetings. We are the VOID Emissaries of Light and we welcome you to these powerful transmissions to assist
each individual in connecting and working with the energies of the VOID - which is the source of the world of matter. As
most of you know, Gaia is in the midst of a powerful transformation, awakening and a paradigm shift to the fifth dimension. Many
of you who read these words originate from the fifth and even higher planes of reality and you have incarnated here largely to
serve humanity and/or the planetary consciousness of Gaia herself. Truly this is a most challenging assignment that you have
undertaken. Many of you are helping to usher in, anchor, support and nourish the templates and energetic structures underlying
“New Earth.” In order for many of you to step into your power and to fulfill the contracts you made with the Creator for this
incarnation, you will have to begin connecting with the energies of the VOID and awakening and activating the Creator
GOD/Goddess aspect that is your birthright as a child of GOD. These VOID Mastery Activations are one way of accomplishing
this goal. They are a divine dispensation of grace from the Creator to those most blessed beings who resonate with and are
aligned to these frequencies. These series of activations are very potent and may affect your life in many unexpected ways so
as always you need to go within to ascertain if they are aligned to your highest good at this time before you partake of these
energies. Blessings to each of you on your path of world service!”
VOID Emissaries of Love

The VOID Mastery Activations are ordered in groups or levels comprised of many activations. Level One, for example,
has twelve activations and initiations and you must order the entire group all at one time as a package of sessions. In order
to progress on to the next level in these series you must have received the activations and initiations from the level before.
In each of these VOID Mastery Activations sessions, I will begin by transmitting to you some general balancing and clearing
prior to your session to help you to align with God, to clear out negative and dense energies from your energetic
systems and aura as well as releasing some negative ego programming.

While it is not a prerequisite, at this time, it is highly recommended to begin this series AFTER you have completed the first
three levels of the Ascended Masters Activations.

These sessions are performed distantly and will be transmitted to you within 3 business days after receiving your payment
and your full name and birthdate.

The Transmissions are facilitated to your Higher-Self who downloads them for you. There is no
Etheric Surgery facilitated i.e. clearing of entities, negative extraterrestrial implants or any Shamanic
Multidimensional work with these sessions, what you receive is described under the heading
of each of the transmissions.


VOID Mastery Activations Level One - Sixteen Activations and Initiations

- Ego, Mental Body and Personality Purge: The biggest challenges to living and operating from the VOID lie in
the programs generated by the ego mind, mental body and personality self. This powerful activation assists each
being to release as much programming as possible at this time from the ego, mental body and personality. The
emptying of the ego, mental body and personality programming creates an energetic space that can be filled by
the energies of the VOID.

- Random Inner Dialog Purge (aka monkey mind and negative self talk): You connect with the VOID from a
point of inner stillness and tranquility deep within your heart. One of the biggest blocks people have to tapping
into the frequencies of the VOID is the incessant underlying chatter of the mental body. This constant random
inner dialog and negative self talk prohibits people from manifesting and creating a life that works for themselves.
This activation helps each individual to release as much random inner dialog or negative self talk as possible at
this time.

- Duality Consciousness Purge: Third dimensional worlds like Gaia are experiments in duality consciousness.
Individuals here are blessed with free will and the freedom to choose and they learn from the consequences
of the choices they make. But the New Earth will vibrate in the fifth and higher dimensions that have
transcended the limits of duality and mass consciousness. This activation helps individuals to purge the
limitations of mass and duality consciousness and all that anchors or supports this – especially the beliefs
each being picked up from their parents and genetic archives.

- 3rd Dimension Limitations Purge: The third dimension has a very limited perspective on what is possible.
In truth very few of the beliefs cherished on Gaia at this time are aligned with Universal Truth. This purge
helps the individual to release limitation profiles that are tied to the third dimension thought forms – especially
those around the time/space continuum.

- Core Essence Download: Divine dispensation of grace from the Creator to allow each individual to access,
activate and download more of their soul energy and the spiritual gifts that are aligned to their highest good
at this time.

- VOID Clearing of Past Lives and Past Life Archives, Level I: This is the first level of a deep purge that
empowers the God Self of the individual to scan the energetic beingness and spaces of an individual and clear,
heal and release misaligned or less than love energies from past lives and anything hold energetically in their
archives from past lives.

- VOID Clearing of Memory (from brains/minds) and Cellular Memory, Level I: This is the first level of a
deep purge that empowers the God Self of the individual to scan the energetic beingness and spaces of an
individual and clear, heal and release misaligned or less than love energies from cellular memory and the
memories stored in the minds, brains and mental body.

- VOID Quantum Field Alignment, Level I: Most people struggle on this planet to survive and to create
a magical life for themselves because their quantum fields and energetic bodies and systems are
disconnected from the Laws and Principles of Creation. This is the first level of an empowerment to align the
quantum fields, parts and particles of an individual with the laws of creation so that they can access, tap into
and utilize the power of the VOID and work directly with creation energy.

- VOID Color and Sound Infusion and Healing, Level I: Most of the healing in the VOID is done through
the use of colors and tone and most of these have never been utilized on Gaia before due to the density
of the third dimension. This is the first level of an infusion of the VOID colors and tones into the energetic
systems of an individual to clear free radicals; transmute dense, dark, heavy, stuck and congested energies
and to promote healing on all levels - physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual.

- VOID DNA Activation, Level I: The more DNA that is awakened and activated, the easier it is to manifest,
to tap into and operate from the VOID paradigm and to act as a Co-Creator with the Creator. This is the first
level of an activation to awaken and activate more of the DNA within an individual with a focus on the aspects
of the DNA and genetic codings that are related to manifestation and utilizing creation energy.

- Embodying the Spirit of Creation Initiation: Blessing and sanctification from the Creator to each individual
to jump-start their ability to awaken and activate the Creator GOD/Goddess Within.

- VOID Heart Chamber Activation, Level I: First level of an activation to awaken, open and activate a chamber
deep within the heart that is the portal that connects each being to the VOID.

- VOID Rebirthing Activation, Level I: This is the first level of an empowerment to infuse the VOID energies
and frequencies into all of the individual’s energetic spaces – especially the cellular level memory and the etheric body.

- VOID Empowerment, Level I: This package of frequencies is the first level of empowerment to assist each
individual to tap into and connect with the energies of the VOID; to view, understand and work with the
underlying energetic patterns found in the VOID; to create from the “Source” level and to manifest,
play and create in the material world utilizing creation energy.

- Creating from the Heart, Level I: Ascended masters create from their heart all that they need in the
NOW Moment. This is the first level of empowerment to assist individuals to remember, recall, activate and
reclaim this level of their mastery.

- Awakening and Activating the Creator GOD/GODDESS Within Yourself – Level I: Multidimensional
frequency package of activations that comprise the first level of an empowerment to assist each being in
awakening, activating, becoming and realizing the Creator GOD/Goddess Within.

I will transmit this session to you distantly within 2 business days after payment. Please email me your full name
and birthdate after payment, thank you.





I would be transmittimg 1 level per week for these sessions as they are very powerful
and do require 1 week integration in between each level.

Energy Exchange : $888.00

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